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Worthing High School

Worthing High School


Mathematics at Worthing High School is:

  • Challenging
  • Exciting
  • Inspiring
  • Relevant

Information About the Department

In Mathematics we aim to enable students to systematically and logically problem solve and to identify pattern in everyday life.

Our emphasis on mastery and fluency allow access for all, developing an interconnected web of knowledge and skills, which becomes ever more complex.

Curriculum Vision 

In Mathematics we aim to enable students to become confident mathematicians who can systematically and logically problem-solve and identify patterns in everyday life.

Our emphasis on mastery and fluency allows access for all, developing an interconnected web of knowledge and skills, which becomes ever more complex.

All students will develop fluency in mathematical strategies, allowing them to build towards becoming confident problem-solvers. Responsive teaching with develop student's ability to reason and reflect.  

Curriculum Intent 

  • To develop students’ fluency in all five strands of mathematics (Number, Geometry, Algebra, Data and Probability, and Ratio and Proportion) through regular practice and assessment for learning. Students should be able to recall facts confidently and accurately.

    · To develop students’ reasoning skills by not only being able to get to an answer but explaining how they got there, promoting discussion wherever possible in maths lessons.

    · To promote students’ resilience in problem-solving, and for them to learn from their mistakes. Students to confidently be able to break a non-routine problem into smaller more manageable chunks and persevere towards a solution.

    · To promote independent learning and revision using Hegarty Maths, and other platforms, for homework and improvement/reflection lessons following all assessments. This way the students work to fill their individual knowledge gap

Curriculum Sequencing 

Our Scheme of Work has been carefully sequenced to ensure all our pupils are given every opportunity to learn and succeed.

In KS3 (Years 7 to 9) we give all our students the opportunity to develop fluency and depth of understanding. We focus on learning, not on pace, aiming for pupils to develop a good foundation for their GCSEs.

In Years 10 to 11, we differentiate between the Higher and Foundation schemes of work, preparing all our pupils for their final exams. We are currently working towards Our students currently sit the AQA exam board.

Our most able students also have the opportunity to study towards the Statistics GCSE. We are able to inter-weave topics, giving our students the ability to develop statistic and stochastic reasoning.

Aims of the maths department

  • To allow every student to reach their mathematical potential.
  • To show how maths relates to problems in the real world
  • To instil the confidence in students to have a go at something, no matter how challenging.
  • To encourage more students to take maths further in their academic life

Departmental Staff

Ms G Carswell – AHT Mathematics


Mr D Salter – Second in Department

Ms A Chaplain

Ms R Darling

Ms A Fallahi

Ms E Kundishora

Ms S Ozdemirciler

Ms A Shultan


  • A suite of 5 dedicated maths classrooms, all equipped with CleverTouch Screens and desktops PCs.

  • Y11 classes are timetabled into IT rooms on a regular basis. Other year groups can book IT rooms.

Our Philosophy

Our successful Mathematics department follows a 3-year key stage 3 and a 2-year key stage 4 scheme of work. This curriculum supports and nurtures

development of key skills at KS3 and builds on that foundation at GCSE level. Maths has 8 lessons per fortnight in all year groups.

We make extensive use of formative assessment to help us to identify strengths and areas for improvement, as well as giving us an indication of the current level of performance in relation to the whole tier. In this way our pupils use “trackers” to monitor their own progress, and gain an indication of their current performance and likely final grade.

We currently prepare students for:

  • GCSE mathematics (AQA)
  • GCSE Statistics (AQA)
  • Further mathematics (AQA)

The specialist mathematics teachers within our team, are based in our fully-resourced mathematics teaching suite. Within the department, we have specialist staff responsible for our most able students and KS2 to KS3 transition. We also have regular and successful entries for the UKMT challenges as well as popular after school clubs. Maths also takes part in STEM activities.

Our learning and teaching ethos and culture reflect our collaborative approach. As a department, we constantly seek to improve our own understanding of high-quality teaching and learning.

Additional Sessions

Period 6 – Further Maths (Y11 only) – Tuesday in M5

Period 6 – GCSE Revision (Y11 only) – Tuesday in M1 & M2