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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Work Experience

Work Experience for Year 10 students on Friday 7th July 2023.

We are delighted after pandemic restrictions over the last two years to be able to offer our students the opportunity to be able to have a self-sourced placement, experiencing a day in the working world.

The last two years have seen significant changes to the traditional work model, with various sectors embracing work from home or hybrid models. In addition to this there have been significant changes to the mechanisms that allow school’s to support students in finding work experience placements. We have worked closely with career counterparts in West Sussex in an attempt to enable the previous model of delivery to continue, however this has not been possible and so the delivery of work experience for Year 10 students at Worthing High can no longer follow the previous format. As a school, we do value the insights gained from experiences into the world of work and as such, we have pursued our own alternative means to allow this to take place.

Friday 7th July will be our whole school, Focus Day 3. During this day, all Year 10 students will gain an experience of being in a working environment. This will follow one of two pathways:

Pathway 1 - Students will attend a work experience placement, which is sourced by the family and suggested ideas could be with parents/carers, family members, friends or business contacts.  All necessary paperwork needs to be completed to approve attendance at this placement. Approval and consent forms must be completed and returned to the school office by Friday 23rd June.

Pathway 2 - Students will have a virtual work experience, which will be conducted remotely at home on Friday 7th July.

Pathway 1 - Work Experience Placements

All externally arranged work experience placements must have an Approval and Consent Form (copy posted below) completed by families prior to the placement. The school will be unable to assist in making the arrangements for this placement. The Approval and Consent form must be completed and returned to the school office by Friday 23rd June, together with a copy of both of the employers Public & Employer Liability Insurance Certificates. 

We are unable to authorise any placements without completion & return of the Consent Forms prior to 23rd June 2023, and we MUST have copies of up-to-date valid Insurance Certificates. 

Pathway 2 - Virtual Work Experience

Students who do not have an externally arranged work experience placement will be provided details on the virtual work experience and given all necessary details in order to fully participate in activities remotely during Focus Day 3 on Friday 7th July. This will be run through our business partners SpringPod.

If you have specific queries regarding the work experience placement please contact Mr M Fisher

If you have specific queries regarding the virtual work experience please contact Mrs Petrie