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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Wisepay APP Guidance

We are pleased to let you know that we have enabled the WisePay App to provide the option of payment for Cashless Catering and School payments for Trips and Offers/Donations/the Shop.

Attached is a quick one page guide on how to install and register the app, please can you ensure that this is followed, as this will enable you to be able to access the App successfully.

Alternatively, if you log into your WisePay account online and click on the link for the App for more information, this will provide you with the Organisation Code for Worthing High School, which is 36186737 and you can download the App from Google play or the App store.

Once you have downloaded the Wisepay App, you will need to register an account.

This is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1 – Organisation Code -

You will need to enter the organisation code 36186737

Step 2 – Username and Password

You will need to enter your existing Username and Password; this must be the same as the details that you currently use to log into your WisePay account.

Step 3 – Account Name

Enter the account name of the Student you wish to make a payment for.  The name must match the name stored on Wisepay

Once your registration is complete click on the NEXT button to be taken to your account screen.

The advantages of using the App are that you can choose to store your card details which will speed up the checkout process. This also provides a ‘quick top up’ option for Cashless Catering.

The App is an optional extra; you can still use the usual method of accessing WisePay.

There is a more detailed guide for the App, which includes information on the checkout process, the payment process, the order completion process which is attached to this page.

If you have any queries, please contact rather than WisePay directly.