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Worthing High School

Worthing High School


At Worthing High School, the wellbeing of all of our students is of paramount importance. That is why we place so much support at the heart of our Year group teams, through Pastoral care, as well as tailored support which is sourced internally and externally by and for the school.

Here are some of the ways in which Worthing High works hard to support our student community:

  1. Each year group has a dedicated, non-teaching Pastoral Leader that leads on the support of students Social, Emotional and Mental wellbeing, signposting to relevant external agencies, as well as tailoring support to the needs of those within school.
  2. Therapeutic behaviour support professionals who work with students and their families requiring additional help alongside their study to access the curriculum
  3. Emotionally based school absence (EBSA) support staff who support students and their families to break down the behavioural and emotional barriers impacting attendance.
  4. On site counselling with trained BACP professionals through YMCA dialogue and ‘Hear For You’ support services, operating on an internal referral basis.
  5. Direct links to support agencies such as SID Youth, Early Help and the Juno Project to ensure external agency support goes hand in hand with the extensive set of offers we have as a school.

If you wish to discuss support options regarding your child, please contact the relevant Pastoral Leader for their year group, found in the Pastoral Support section of the Parent tab, located at the top of this page.