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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Values & Ethos

"semper ad excellentiam contende"
"Always Pursue Excellence"

Our shared vision is to challenge your child at every opportunity; to be curious,  independent,  resilient, kind and most importantly academically inspired.

Our vision is focussed around five core values; to work together and support each other as a Community, to continually try to improve and develop Resilience, to show Integrity with honesty and truthfulness at all times, to show Respect in valuing and accepting differences with courtesy and consideration and to always pursue Excellence and strive to surpass our shared expectations.

  • Community


    Working together and supporting each other

  • Resilience


    Continually trying to improve and never giving up

  • Integrity


    Honesty and truthfulness at all times

  • Respect


    Valuing and accepting our differences with courtesy and consideration

  • Excellence


    Always striving to surpass our shared expectations