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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Student Leadership Accreditation

All pupils at Worthing High have the opportunity to gain our own bespoke Student Leadership Accreditation (SLA). WHS Student leadership accreditation is an innovative way of recognising students’ leadership skills and the impact that they have in the classroom, across the school, and in the wider community.  The SLA was developed by students, for students, in partnership with teachers and leaders. Together they identified key strands that young people need to be successful leaders, and grouped into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level requires students to develop them, contribute to their community, and work with others.

How is the accreditation attained?

The accreditation can be completed during tutor time, focus days and student's own time.

Students gather evidence in a portfolio to support their applications, writing a statement explaining how their evidence proves they’ve met the criteria.  Students assess themselves against this framework and then actively seek opportunities to advance themselves and gather evidence to showcase their new skills in a portfolio.

When students have completed their portfolio, it is moderated by tutors, progress leaders and SLT. Students will need to access the "student leadership" Google site which is pinned to their student homepage. If applications are successful,l certificates and badges are rewarded during end of half-term assemblies. 

What activities can be accredited?

Below are some examples of what students need to provide evidence of involvement in an order to gain accreditation. 

  • School council
  • Students as learning partners
  • Students as researchers
  • Mentoring
  • Department reps
  • Tutor reps 
  • Sports leaders 
  • Charity reps 
  • Journalism
  • Digital leaders
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award

What are the benefits of the SLA?

As well as the prestige of accreditation, the process that students go through in becoming accredited is of great benefit. This process encourages students to:

  • Critically self-reflect on their own skills as leaders,
  • Work collaboratively to plan how they will meet the criteria and evidence it,
  • Organise and structure their evidence,
  • Peer assess others’ work against criteria,
  • Aspire to take on increasingly challenging leadership responsibilities

Many of the skills students use in this process reinforce key learning competencies in the classroom and the award itself provides valuable evidence of students’ all round achievements when applying for colleges, universities or jobs.

How can my child register interest?

Email Mrs Hopkins at any point during the academic year. Further details on the completion of the accreditation will be provided to all involved.