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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Student Leadership


At Worthing High School we strongly believe that every student has the right to develop their leadership potential. We actively encourage our students to take advantage of the leadership opportunities available to them, and have provided several pathways for the students to develop their leadership skills 

Sports Leaders 

Sports Leaders are well established within the school and they take an active role in helping the P.E department run activities in and outside of school. The views of sports leaders are expressed via a sports council representative on the student council.

Peer Mediators - Leading Staff Mr K Lucking

Peer mediators are trained to support younger students with any concerns or issues they may have. They act as a supportive friend, offering advice and a listening ear. 

Charity Council - Leading Staff – Mr T Izod

Charity leaders take an active role in promoting the school support of local and national charities and volunteering. The views of the charity council are expressed via a charity council representative on the student council.

School Council - Leading Staff – Mr N Mariosa 

The school council is made up of students of all ages and represents all of the schools communities. The school council present the views, suggestions and recommendations of the student body to the school leadership team.