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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

School Travel Plan

Worthing High School was a Travel Mark level 2 school, we are currently working towards Bronze level on the new WSCC Modeshift Stars scheme.

In 2018 - 85% of our pupils used sustainable transport means of transport to school including walking, cycling, child scooter, public transport, park and striding or car sharing. This fell slightly to 84% in June 2019. 

Since 2008 considerable work and improvements to the local road and footpath network has been achieved. Below are just a few examples of the outcomes that have been achieved since 2008, in full partnership West Sussex County Council, Worthing Borough Council the school staff and school community that are linked to our Travel Plan and our aim to become a more sustainable school:

  • ‘School signs’ erected north and south bound on South Farm Road prior to the school
  • Re-marking of the zigzag lines etc outside the school entrance (2012-13)
  • Provision of Pedestrian controlled crossing point (2007)
  • Extensive provision of cycle racks and scooter racks at the school for over 200 pupils (2004)
  • Staff cycle to work day - members of Cycle Scheme
  • Key members of the EYE project – including committee membership
  • Promoted the ‘20’s plenty’ campaign
  • Take part in the “Free Your Feet” walk to school week
  • Creating an active Eco Committee that has visions of all our students travelling to school sustainably.
  • Communication with parents regarding safe parking during congested times.
  • Staff on duty on the entrance of South Farm Road and St. Lawrence Avenue when the students are arriving to and leaving school.
  • Issuing a transition guide from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership designed to promote the development of independent travel skills.
  • Enforcement of a cycle permit to allow students to cycle to school in a safe and responsible manner.