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Remote learning e-safety advice

Safe Use of Technology at Home

During home learning, it is important to help parents and pupils to strike a balance between academic work and wellbeing development.  There are some basic health and safety principles that should be encouraged so pupils stay fit and well.  When using IT equipment, pupils should try to avoid awkward static postures by changing position regularly and getting up/moving and stretching between tasks. 

Children should take regular rest breaks with at least 5-10 minutes of non screen time every hour. This will help to protect their eyes and also wil help with their attention span. 

Pupils should engage in home learning using a suitable position in the home such as a kitchen table or desk; sat in a comfortable and a supportive chair.  It is not safe or healthy for pupils to be using laptops on their laps or mobile devices whilst sat on a sofa or in bed.  Charging cables must be kept secure and used safely to avoid fire hazards or risk of electrocution. 

Where PCs are being used, they should be set up and adjusted to ensure sreens are at eye level and keyboards and mice are accessible so as to avoid eye and neck strain.  Pupils using mobile devices, including laptops tablets and mobile smartphones should be supported to take regular breaks (every 20 minutes) and to use stands where possible to help tilt the screen.

Good hygiene should also be encouraged including wiping mobile devices with suitable cleaning products on a regular basis.

Please also see this PAGE on our website.

The following websites may be helpful for guiding parents to safe practices;

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