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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

End of Autumn Term 2

Remote Learning FAQs

We have provided some FAQs below to help parents and students understanmd how to best use our remote learning platforms.

How much work should my child be completing? 

We have advised that students should be following their timetable where possible. However, every one of our students’ circumstances are different and this will not always be possible. We have also suggested that you allow them time to read and do other activities, which are off line, in order to support their mental health and well-being.

Work is set on a weekly basis in line with how much work would normally be set if students were in school as usual. Students should try to complete as much work as they can within a lesson, but should not worry if they do not complete it all. They should then move on to the next piece and not necessarily worry about going back to it at a later point as there will be new work set for the next lesson. All students work at different speeds and this would be reflected in the amount of work completed in each lesson.

Which platforms do you set work on? 

All online work is set on Show My Homework. There is a video guide showing how to access Show My Homework here. Some work set on Show My Homework will direct students to other platforms such as Hegarty Maths, SAM Learning or BBC Bitesize. Work set on SAM learning is optional and the tasks set on Show My Homework takes priority.

As parents and carers, you have your own login details to Show My Homework so you can keep a track of what work is set for your child. If you don’t have these details, please email and the IT Department will send them out to you.

How should work be submitted for feedback 

On every piece of work set on Show My Homework there are instructions outlining how work should be submitted for feedback. This may be through Show My Homework, email or Microsoft Teams. The saved document should be submitted in this way, or in some cases photo’s of work may be suitable.

I can't access emails on Microsoft Outlook, what should I do? 

You do not need Microsoft Outlook in order to access your school email account. You can get access to your email account and all other software needed by going to the student portal website here.

Will my child get in trouble when they return to school if they have not completed all the work set for them? 

We encourage all our students to try to follow a normal timetable and do the best that they can considering the unprecedented circumstances they are facing. Teacher’s may contact students or parents if little work has been completed or submitted for feedback. This is to encourage them to continue working from home but no detentions or sanctions will be placed on students when they return to school.

Will you be doing online lessons in Zoom or Microsoft Teams? 

In line with the vast majority of secondary schools across the country, we are setting a range of work online.

We have avoided relying on the Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize resources that have been co-ordinated centrally by government. Instead we have continued to deliver a bespoke curriculum, covering the same topics, where possible, that our students would have been studying if they were in school.

All our work is set on Show My Homework and takes the form of a variety of worksheets, projects and online activities. We will not be doing video lessons; there are many reasons why we, along with most other secondary schools, are not doing this at the moment.

We will of course continue to review the work we are setting online as circumstances change.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with IT systems? 

For any problems related to IT please email

My child is ticking off work as complete on Show My Homework, but how do I know they are actually doing it? 

If the work is submitted through Show My Homework it will automatically upload, ready for the teacher to give feedback. If they are not submitting it like this, they will most likely be emailing it. You might want to check their school email account and look in the sent box, which will show you any work submitted to teachers