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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

GCSE Results Day 2021

Remote Learning FAQs

We have provided some FAQs below to help parents and students understand how to best use our remote learning platforms.

How much work should my child be completing? 

Students should be following their timetable. Statutory guidance from the DfE states that students in secondary schools should receive 4-5 hours of remote education per day. We have also provided a variety of enrichment activities, which are offline, in order to support our student's mental health and well-being.

Which platforms do you set work on? 

All online work is accessed through Microsoft Teams. All lessons start with a live meet where the teacher will do the following:

• Take a register

• Introduce the learning objectives

• Explain the activities students are expected to complete, with expected timings 

• Show students where they can access the resources and submit their work

• Deliver any content “live” that is appropriate to the lesson

• Take questions using the ‘hands up’ function or chat function

• Remain available online to answer questions throughout the lesson via Microsoft Teams

All students have been made aware of this process by their form tutor and have a sticker in their planner outlining the process. Further information on accessing Microsoft Teams can be found on our website here  

During the session, students should behave appropriately and follow the code of conduct for virtual learning which has previously been sent to parents/carers.

During lessons, students may be directed to other platforms such as Hegarty Maths, SAM Learning, or BBC Bitesize

If you or your child needs any support with remote learning, please email

How should work be submitted for feedback 

Work that needs completing will be set as an “assignment” on Microsoft Teams. Work should be submitted through this function. A video explaining how this should be done can be found here 

I can't access emails on Microsoft Outlook, what should I do? 

You do not need Microsoft Outlook in order to access your school email account. You can get access to your email account and all other software needed by going to the student portal website here.

Will my child get in trouble when they return to school if they have not completed all the work set for them? 

We encourage all our students to try to follow a normal timetable and do the best that they can considering the unprecedented circumstances they are facing. Teachers may contact students or parents if little work has been completed or submitted for feedback. This is to encourage them to continue working from home.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with IT systems? 

For any problems related to IT please email

        For any problems related to IT please email