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Performing Arts -Curriculum Information

Curriculum Intent 


Curriculum Sequencing 

Key stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Students follow a broad and well balanced curriculum in Key Stage 3 at Worthing High School. Pupils study a variety of different styles, professional practitioners and performance works.  The focus is very much centred on the development of new and existing skills and the application of these skills in a performance context. Timetabled provision is 1 hour per fortnight with many clubs running before and after school all of which ensures each and every student is suitably prepared for continuing their skills and/or performance studies in Year 10 and 11.

Year 7

  • Development of the fundamental performing arts skills
  • Technical skills – Communication, Team work, Freeze Frames, RADS
  • Performance skills – confidence, knowledge of performance, 
  • Professional works Exploration – Site specific

Year 8

  • Year 8 curriculum build on the year 7 performing arts curriculum
  • Development of the more complex performing arts skills
  • Technical skills – advanced RADS, posture, extension, movement memory
  • Performance skills – Projection, musicality, timing, energy, spatial awareness
  • Professional works – creating ideas in the style of a professional work

Key stage 4 (Years 10 – 11)

Currently, students opting to continue studying performing arts at key stage 4 are following the BTEC Tech Award (Level 2) in Performing Arts (Dance) qualification. This Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.

The main focus is on four areas of equal importance, which cover the:

• Development of key skills that prove your aptitude in Performing Arts such as reproducing repertoire or responding to stimuli

• Process that underpins effective ways of working in the Performing Arts, such as development of ideas, rehearsal and performance

• Attitudes that are considered most important in the Performing Arts, including personal management and communication

• Knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in the sector such as roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles.

Please follow the link below for further information:

Year 10

  • Development of advanced performing arts skills
  • Technique workshops in three styles of dance
  • Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts industry
  • Professional works exploration in the style of 3 choreographers
  • Performance opportunity at Worthing College

Year 11

  • Choreography development
  • Component 2 – Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts Industry
  • Component 3 – Performing to a brief
  • Performance opportunity at Worthing Pavilion

Aims of the Performing Arts Department 

  • To introduce students to a variety of dance styles, professional practitioners and performance works
  • To develop learners who are passionate, imaginative and inquisitive, who see the world from an artistic perspective, enjoying and exploring past and present art forms
  • To contribute to the curricula of other subjects
  • To offer Performing arts as an option to key stage 4 students
  • To encourage enjoyment and success in performing arts activities to promote participation in extra-curricular and outside of school

Departmental Staff 

Miss A Strudwick – Leader of Dance & Performing Arts Coordinator

Mrs J Batchelor – Leader of Drama


  • Dance Studio
  • Millennium Hall
  • Drama Studio

Our Philosophy 

We have an inclusivity policy at the heart of the performing arts programme at Worthing High School. We aim to give opportunity and encouragement to all who wish to develop their performing arts skills and understanding regardless of previous experience and believe that anything can be achieved if you work hard, with enthusiasm and resilience.

Additional Sessions 

  • Period 6 and weekly revision sessions – please speak with the Subject Leader.
  • For Easter Revision Sessions, please see relevant link on the website under Teaching & Learning >> Exam Support.