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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

GCSE Results Day 2021

Most Able

Meeting the Needs of MOST ABLE Students

Worthing High School will identify and provide for the specific and special needs of most able children including Higher Prior Attaining students.

We recognise that students may possess exceptional talents or skills in one or more of a range of ways, including exceptional academic ability, specific aptitude in a subject, especially creative or productive thinking, leadership qualities, ability in creative or performing arts and sporting ability.

We will ensure that such students are able to develop, enjoy and celebrate their talents to the full within a supportive and appropriately challenging environment.

What do we mean by “MOST ABLE Students” ? 

We use the term “Most able” to identify all children who are classed as “Higher Prior Attaining” students. Higher Prior Attaining students are defined as those who have achieved a grade 5 or above in KS2 assessments. This accounts for approximately 25% of each year group.

The initial list will be prepared each September by the Lead Teacher for Most able. This list will be distributed to Staff for modification and the addition of talented students in creative and performing arts subjects. If a child is thought to be someone who would benefit from the scheme, we will contact parents/carers. It is essential that most able students are stretched and that we have adequate provision and resources to support this.