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Worthing High School

Worthing High School


Media Studies at Worthing High School is:

  • Creative

  • Analytical

  • Independent

  • Relevant

Information about the MEDIA Department

Curriculum Vision 

Students will understand that media plays an integral part in society and their own lives. They will be able to independently and objectively explore, interpret and evaluate different forms of media, whilst understanding the impact it has on its audience.

Curriculum Intent 

    • All students will finish their studies with an understanding and appreciation that the media is central in contemporary society and culture. They shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer. They influence our community. 

    • Media students explore the integrity of the Media and will reflect on this. They will explore the world through media texts which are selected to encourage tolerance and respect for others. Societal ideologies are examined and students will compare their own beliefs and values to those portrayed in the media.  

    • Students will begin with semiotic analysis of print texts and progress to moving image texts, whilst all the time building an understanding of media industry models and technical terminology which will underpin this learning 

    • The students undertake practical skills in term 1 and 2 of Year 10 so that they can then complete their NEA by the end of Year 10. 

Curriculum Sequencing 


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 10

Introduction to Media:

Advertising (1:A)


Film Industry (1:B)

Bond film posters (1:A)


Magazines (A):

Music, Videos & Websites  (2:B)


Situation Comedy (2:A)

Music, Videos & Websites (2:B)


Non-Examined Assessment


Non-Examined Assessment


Year 11

Television (2:A)

Contemporary artists

Television (2:A)

Historical video


News Industry

Newspaper Covers

Radio Industry


Revision and exam practise


Paper 1: Section A


Paper 1: Section B

Revision and exam practise


Paper 2: Section A


Paper 2: Section B



Aims of the Media Department

  • To develop skills of analysis and encourage curiosity about the wider world
  • To promote creativity and enable students to learn practical skills
  • To provide opportunities for teamwork, discussion and independent study

Departmental Staff

  • Ms N Hoad - Subject Leader Media
  • Mr S Ghanbari
  • Ms H Davies


  • Dedicated media classroom
  • Access to ICT suites and appropriate media software


Our Philosophy

We believe that students bring a wealth of relevant and current knowledge about the media world to their lessons and that this should be explored and developed.  We want students to understand the influence that the media has on their lives and to investigate the impact it has on our society.

KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

Students taking GCSE Media Studies as one of their Options will have five lessons per fortnight. Their lessons will take place in a conventional classroom and they will have regular timetabled lessons in a computer room to allow them to use facilities suited to the Media industry.

Students will complete one Controlled Assessment that will be undertaken in the first 12 weeks of Year 11. The project will involve planning and creating a media text and will make up 30% of the student’s overall grade.

Students will explore a range of media platforms, including Television, Web Design, Radio, Music Videos, Film Promotion and Print Magazines.

They will be expected to hone their skills of analysis and be able to explore the social and historical contexts of the media products.

  • Year 9 students will be invited to take part in the BBC School Report project and operate as young journalists for the day.

  • Year 10 will be invited on a 2-day residential exploring media industries in London.

Additional Sessions

Wednesday: NEA completion/revision

Revision Sessions

For Easter Revision Sessions, please see Exam Support and Timetables page - under Teaching & Learning.

Twitter @WorthingHighMed