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Worthing High School

Start of summer term 19

Helping your son/daughter FAQs for Parents/Carers

Helping your son/daughter through their GCSE exams is a difficult time for parents/carers as well as the students themselves. 

The following FAQs will hopefully assist you all and provide useful information.

How do I find out about the curriculum students follow in KS4? 

We run a GCSE Induction Evening every September for Year 10 students and their parents/carers. The evening enables us to share with you vital information about their KS4 curriculum and suggests ways you can help them achieve their target grades.

Please also visit our Curriculum Area on the school website.

How can I help my son/daughter prepare for their examinations? 

We hold a GCSE Study Skills Evening for all Year 11 students and their parents in the spring term of Y11. The event focuses on how best to prepare for the summer exams, revision techniques and includes specific presentations from core subject areas, English, Maths and Science.

How can I help my son/daughter cope with exam stress? 

How can I find out their exam timetable? 

All students are provided a personalised Exam Timetable for their mock and main exams. Copies of the "complete" timetable are always posted on our website HERE.

If you would like a copy of your son/daughters exact timetable please contact the school or email 

Are their any specific rules in relation to GCSE exams? 

Yes there are and they are available from this website page.