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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

GCSE Results Day 2021

Greenpower Car

Latest Goodwood Greenpower event 30/06/19

The Greenpower race team arrived early Sunday morning at Goodwood race circuit, meeting up with another 99 other teams from across the country.  They were able to see a wide range of different car designs, as well as different modifications for them to consider in the future.  This formed the basis of some debating as to what to improve on next.

After the initial checks were made, they lined up for scrutineering and waited patiently for the scrutineers to assess their work.  The scrutineers completed a thorough check of the car and gave them the all clear to race, so they then added the new race numbers and returned to the pits in preparation for free practice.  A driver’s briefing was called and the whole team attended because they had elected to have everyone racing, so they all had to know what to do if the car broke down (it didn’t).  Once the briefing was over the pit opened and allowed the team to practice driving around the 2.2 mile racing circuit.

At 11.30 the teams were assembled and the race track was lined up in number order, their car was 225 so they were near the back of the grid.  After last minute safety checks to safety belts the clerk of the course waved them off.  All 100 cars were off, some faster than others.  Each of our team drove for 3 circuits of the track, the fastest time achieved was 7.32 minutes at a speed of 19.7 miles per hour.  The team counted the laps and pitted regularly, allowing each driver the opportunity of circulating around the race track.  In the first race the car was trailered back because a faulty battery cable clamp had come loose, once repaired the team were back in action.  Sometime later the batteries ran out of power, so it was trailered back just before the end of the race. Many of the other kit based cars met a similar end to their race, nothing for our team to worry about.  Over lunch the batteries were replaced and a quick review of the car meant nothing needed doing, so they lined up early for race 2.

Fifteen minutes before the final race was due to start, the cars were lined up on the track.  Once again, we started from the back part of the grid.  The starter waived the flag and the race began.  Within the first lap many of the cars spread out quickly, the faster “scratch built” cars left our “kit car” category in their wake.  Our car over took a number of other similar cars, as well as being overtaken itself.  The team settled in the middle of the pack and remained there until the closing 15 minutes of the race, you guessed it, the batteries ran out of power and car returned on the back of a trailer again.  Once again we had fallen foul of the heat, this had contributed to excessive drain on the batteries and caused us to stop.  Not only us but many before us had either broken down, or ran out of power.  The race continued until 5.00pm and then prize giving commenced.

Our valiant team were undeterred and were full of praise for each other, especially when they felt they had been squeezed off the track by another school.  Nevertheless, each team member felt proud that they had all taken part and are looking forward to the next race.  Dunsfold test track is the venue for our next outing in September (15th) 2019 and the team will be back to do better than Sunday’s result




All of this activity would not have been possible if it had not been for the generous sponsorship we received from our own Headteacher, Mr Panayiotou and Mr Peter Webb (MD of ETI).  In fact, Mr Webb is keen to sponsor our next car, as we intend to build our own ground up design and build in house. 

Our Greenpower team are already coming up with ideas, so watch this space next year.  In the meantime, if you know of anyone who would be prepared to assist us with materials or specialist skills in helping us build our new car.  Please contact us in the Technology department, we would love to hear from you.