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Worthing High School

Worthing High School


Geography at Worthing High School involves:

  • A challenging and varied curriculum.
  • An inclusive ethos in which every student is enable to achieve their personal best.
  • Excellent, exciting enrichment activities for all.
  • A robust grading and target setting system.
  • Extremely high standards of teaching and learning.
  • A constant emphasis on active learning
  • Dynamic staff who really love teaching Geography


Information about the GEOGRAPHY Department

Curriculum Vision 

All students will be prepared with the knowledge, skills and understanding to face the emerging challenges of the modern world and help shape our societies and environments at local, national and global scales. 

Curriculum Intent 

Curriculum intent 

Our curriculum is based around 4 major themes which should equip students with the knowledge and understanding that will prepare them for their future lives and provide them with the appetite to pursue Geography GCSE and beyond into further studies.  

The 4 major themes in our vision for students 

  • Knowledge and Understanding  

  • Geographical Skills  

  • Evaluation and Judgement 

  •  Awe and Wonder for the World 


  • To develop a desire to travel and respect other cultures through a development of awe and wonder for the world. 

  • To give students knowledge of the world outside their doorstep through the development of their geographical skills using a variety of resources around them. 

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the world’s physical and human landscapes & processes and how they interact. 

  • To ensure an understanding of global issues facing them now and in the future  

  • To be able to critically assess and evaluate geographical issues and ideas 

Students can go on to study GCSE Geography with the AQA Exam Board Syllabus 

Worthing High School has their own website with all the content students will need for this AQA GCSE Geography Course . This can be found at: 

Curriculum Sequencing 

Curriculum sequencing 

Students can go on to study GCSE Geography with the AQA Exam Board Syllabus 

Aims of the Geography Department

  • To excite students to take Geography further at college and university
  • To engage everyone with their surroundings and the environment.
  • To ensure all students develop a dynamic skill set which will benefit them in their later life.
  • To excite students both within the class and through various field-trips, locally and abroad.
  • To encourage students to enthusiastically explore and question the world around them.
  • To encourage every student to fulfil or exceed their potential in a supportive environment

Departmental Staff


Mrs A Gannaway ( Leader of Geography and Eco Lead)

Mr J Habershon ( Leader of Geography)

Mrs C Conrad (Teacher of Geography)

Miss L Sinsbury (Teacher of Geography)


  • Three well-equipped geography specialist teaching rooms
  • Professional partnerships with Higher and Further Education Institutions and feeder primary and middle schools.

Our Philosophy

Every child matters in Geography and we enjoy working with our students and their families so that they achieve their full potential.

We firmly believe that anything can be achieved if you work hard, with enthusiasm, resilience and support.

We pride ourselves on teaching lessons and providing experiences which students learn from, remember and enjoy time after time.

Key Stage Three (Year 7-9)

KS3 Geography is a series of dynamic, engaging units of work which aim to excite and encourage a passion for Geography throughout. Students learn a range of topics, from tourism to tectonics. We aim to provide students with a breadth of geographical knowledge whilst developing skills which can be applied throughout the school and in their later life. Social, emotional and moral developments are also embedded throughout geography (for example, Year 8 students compare their life to similar age children in the Kibera slum in Kenya). Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is a fantastic foundation on which to build on to achieve the very best outcomes at GCSE. 

“Geography is my favourite subject! We do something different every lesson, and my teachers make my lessons exciting and interesting. I love to learn about the world around me." - Ella - Year 8 pupil.

KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

In Year 10 and 11 we teach the AQA Specification A syllabus. KS4 Geography provides a varied series of topics which aim to excite students throughout. Active learning, differentiation, group work and stretch and challenge are all embedded into each topic. Our students are passionate about the subject and develop skills which will benefit them throughout their future careers.

 The final GCSE grade is split into three sections:

· Unit 1 - Physical Geography (35%)

· Unit 2 - Human Geography (35%):

· Unit 3- Geographical Applications and Skills (30%) 

“Geography is really interesting; it never fails to amaze me. I look forward to my Geography lessons; the teachers are fun and encourage me to learn more every time. As a result, I am consistently working above my target level. The Geography staff provide great opportunities to learn both inside the classroom, and beyond. I am very excited to take part in the Italy trip – it will be a great learning experience. I am also visiting Brighton University for a day of master classes covering a range of interesting and relevant geographical concepts." - Nick - Year 10 pupil.

Additional Sessions

Period 6 - Friday

Revision Sessions

For Easter Revision Sessions, please see Exam Support and Timetables page - under Teaching & Learning.