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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Free School Meal Application Process

All parent/carers of children resident in West Sussex can apply for free school meals (FSM) if they qualify under the eligibility criteria. Applying for free school meals entitles children at Worthing High School for a free lunch to the value of £2.30. In addition, students eligible for Free School Meals enable the school to gain additional funds from the Department for Education in the form of the 'pupil premium'.

Over the last few years the quality of school food has improved dramatically. Research shows that pupils are more likely to concentrate in lessons if they have eaten a nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime. By choosing school lunches, not only will you be saving yourself the time of preparing a packed lunch every day, you can also be sure that your child is getting the range and amount of food that will help contribute to their health and well-being.

On average parents spend £400 on packed lunches per year for each child, which is money that could be spent on other things. At Worthing High School the allowance of £2.30 a day will buy a two course hot meal for your son/daughter.

For more information on how Worthing High School uses Pupil Premium funding (including free school meals) please navigate to this page on our website.

For information on how to apply for Free School Meals and to check if you are eligible please visit the West Sussex County Council website link here. From 1st January 2024 there will be a new process in place which is entirely online. The new system will give parents an instant indication of FSM eligibility withy the aim of ensuring eligible students receive their FSM entitlement as quickly as possible.