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Exam support and timetables

End of Year Assessments

Please use the following link to access the timetable for KS3 end of year assessments in core subjects and Year 10 assessments in Maths and Science. These assessments will take place under invigilation in the Sports Hall and will simulate what it is like to be in a public examination. Whilst we understand some students may worry about sitting assessments in this environment, I would like to emphasise how important it is that students become accustomed to this type of experience. It will help build their resilience and stamina in exams and also help us identify students who may require additional support. Assessments in other subjects will be taking place in classes throughout the latter part of term, teachers will provide revision materials and support students prepare during lessons time.

To support your child, we recommend that you encourage and support your child with revision tasks in our Revision revolution guide which you can access here. These activities are specifically designed to develop memory and are appropriate for students of all ages and abilities. Our message to students is very clear: the good study habits needed at KS4 should begin as early as possible and memory is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be developed with practice.

Year 10 Students will not be completing formal end of year exams in science, but will be completing Walking-Talking mocks (WTM) instead. This will allow the Science Department to specifically focus on key content and skills that students will need in the exam. This will also give us the opportunity to model and show students how to respond to key questions and enable students to be more ready for next year. Throughout the year, the Science Department have regularly completed end of unit tests allowing us to track the progress of students over the year.

These Walking-Talking mocks will be completed in halls, in exam conditions, so students can practice examination routines they will face in the Mocks and GCSE’s next year. Year 10 students will not need to revise for the Walking-Talking mocks.

PLEASE NOTE -  Dates and Times of Exams can be subject to Exam Board changes.  

Exam contingency days/afternoons

There are 2 exam contingency afternoons on the 8th and 15th June and 1 exam contingency day on the 28th June.  Candidates MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL.

The purpose of this area is to provide information about internal and external examinations at Worthing High School and provide useful support information for students, parents and carers.

We feel that it is vital that the school works closely with parents to ensure that all of our students are fully prepared for Key Stage 4 exams. It is essential that students remain on top of their homework and independent learning tasks throughout their GCSE courses so that they can approach their final exams with confidence.

There are two important evenings for parents and students during this school year.

Every September there is a GCSE Induction Evening for all new Year 10 students and their parents. We present on how students can cope with the additional workload of KS4 study and how parents can help them to achieve their target grades.

We also hold a GCSE Study Skills Evening for all Year 11 students and their parents in the spring term. The event focuses on how best to prepare for the summer exams, revision techniques and includes specific presentations from core subject areas, English, Maths and Science.

Useful sites for managing exam stress:

Individual candidate timetables for the summer examinations will be available nearer the time.