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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Emergency Closure Information

Should it be necessary to close the school premises in the event of an emergency situation, parents and carers will be notified by means of a text message and email to all parents/carers who are down as first contact on our school database. 

A notification will also be placed on our school website, school twitter and local radio stations will also be informed. Our intention is for any communication to be issued by 06.30am or the evening before.

In most circumstances students will be able to follow their normal timetable via Google Classroom.

Our intention is lessons will start as soon as possible after the closure announcement has been made. There will be no tutor time on day 1 to allow the school time to make the necessary arrangements. If live lessons are not able to commence immediately, alternative learning opportunities will be provided through Google Classroom or the school website.


In the event of an emergency closure which is replicated across the county i.e. a snow closure day which will cause childcare issues for many of our staff the following process will be followed:

  1. The school will be formally closed and students will not be allowed on site. A variety of enrichment activities will be provided in replacement of normal lessons for a maximum of 2 consecutive days. Students will be signposted to enrichment activities that they can complete at home/outside which have been pre prepared and will be made available on the school website.

      2. If it were necessary to keep the school site closed for a longer period of time, lessons would          be held on Google Classroom and students would be expected to follow their normal timetable.