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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an opportunity for all students in Year 10 at Worthing High to get involved in a range of different activities, some of which they may already be participating in to develop skills and gain national recognition for their achievements. Not only does it look great on a CV and is something that colleges and employers look for when recruiting, but it also gives you the opportunity to try new things and is good fun.

Worthing High School has been running the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme for many years. The bronze award is open to all year 10 students.

Click on the drop down sections below to find out more about the Bronze, Silver and Expedition sections of the award.


The Bronze level of the Award is open to all year 10 students and consists of 4 different sections which need to be completed before the level can be awarded. Students must choose a skill, a physical activity, undertake some voluntary work and complete a 2 day expedition over the South Downs.

For your volunteering, skill and physical you need to undertake 2 of them for 3 months and the third for 6 months. You decide which section you want to spend the most time on. These activities can be things that you are already doing or you can try something completely new to you, the only limit to the activities is your imagination.

We enrol for Bronze level in September of Year 10.

If you are in year 10 and interested in taking part in the Award, please email for more information.


The expedition is the section of the Award that will give you the most memories – both good and bad! You will be challenged, have to learn new skills and as a team take responsibility for you actions and decisions while out walking with your team.

For your Bronze award you will be trained during after school sessions on a Thursday in navigation, first aid, kit, food, stoves and everything else that you will need to know before we let you loose in the countryside. After your training you will complete a 2 day 1 night practice expedition in April/May and then your qualifying expedition will be the same duration but in June or July. Both of these will be on the South Downs.

There are a number of useful documents that are available at the bottom of the page for you to use in the planning of your expedition including a kit list, all the dates for D of E drop in training sessions and expedition dates, menu plans, route cards and the 20 conditions that each expedition has got to meet.

There is also a lot more information on the expedition section of the DofE website.