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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Charity and Local Community Support

It is our desire that all students at Worthing High School recognise that everyone has unique gifts and talents that can be positively utilised to serve the various needs of people within the community.

Developing proactive citizens is a key focus, providing our students with numerous opportunities to give of their time and talents to help others.

We are very proud of the ways in which our young people serve the people of their town through the raising of funds to support local charities, working with charity groups by offering an extra pair of hands at events, using their skills to entertain and encourage other people and being available to communicate and care for people who are in need of friendship and someone to talk to.

We have an excellent reputation in Worthing for our community focus and we are thrilled that so many community groups contact us in order to develop partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Through our community outreach, our students learn so much about themselves and others.

Many of our community-partners have been our friends for a number of years. We thoroughly enjoy developing this friendship each year through a variety of different ventures. Throughout the school year, we add new partners – sometimes for a one-off project and sometimes for longer projects that may last the whole year.

As a school, we are keen to offer our students as many opportunities as we can that enables each one to develop into citizens that naturally want to support and care for the community in which they live. Through serving our immediate locality, we can ensure that Worthing High School has a positive impact on its neighbourhood and wider community. 

Our 2020/21 Fundraising achievements are summarised on this poster: