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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Careers Information & Post 16 Option Pathways


Year 11 Careers and Post 16 provision

It is a very important time for all our Year 11 students as they begin making decisions for their post 16 options. The following provides key information for students, parents and carers in support of the next steps. The PowerPoint at the bottom of this page provides relevant information linked to this as well and was also shown to all Year 11 students during PSHE lessons.

Student 1:1 Meetings.

These meetings will be held with Year 11 students during curriculum time and will focus on providing students with a clearer and more concise guides to their options when leaving Worthing High School.

 In the interviews they will have the opportunity to discuss options with our qualified Careers Adviser, Mr Fisher, and the pathways available to them for further education.

Should students require further advice before their interview they will need to email Mr Fisher, or they can call into the Careers Office (B1b). Students have been made aware of this procedure, and a number have already taken advantage of this.

Useful Information

Open Days

We would strongly recommend that all students browse all the Post 16 education provider websites to see what they offer, but to ensure that they take advantage of the Open days that are provided as these give a really useful insight into what that particular centre can provide.

These will generally need to be applied for online.

The individual colleges & 6th Form websites also provide very useful information on the courses available, the entry requirement and facilities available.

Please find below a sheet showing the Open days for some of the colleges and 6th Forms

Applications & Deadlines

Applications can be carried out online using the Colleges or 6th Forms website and are normally straightforward, requiring basic personal information, together with the subjects the student is intending to take, together with predicted grades which each student should be aware of or able to source from their Form Tutors.

A number of colleges and 6th forms have application deadline dates in November and December 2021, so it is crucial that any students wishing to apply, do so promptly or as soon as applications are open (normally during the end of September) as there is no extension or exceptions to those deadlines.

Below is a list of all the details of the 19 local colleges and 6th Forms which provides information on each college and details the application deadline dates.

We strongly advise that students apply for more than one college or course to keep their options open. There is no maximum and preferences from individual students often change as the school year progresses.

Please note that students cannot apply to both Varndean & BHASVIC

We will shortly be receiving prospectuses from each of the further education providers and these will be made available from the Careers Office to students to bring home.

Other Useful Links

  • Making your final decision for after Yr 11.
  • Success at schools is an excellent website which offers information to students, parents and teachers about careers. They are making a lot of their resources available for free including subject guides. 

Please go to THIS LINK  for the latest information. 

  • Youth Employment UK provides an information tool known as #CreateYourFuture. This is a campaign that puts young people first. Content, support and next steps matched to young peoples’ needs and interests. Students can try out a wide mix of opportunities as well as building confidence when it comes to skills, careers and training/education.

Students can also explore extra resources and opportunities to grow their knowledge and understanding of their future pathway

#CreateYourFuture will provide students with-
1.    An understanding of their own needs
2.    A clear understanding of paths they can take from now onwards
3.    An understanding of where to get support when they need it
4.    Support to build skills for life and work
5.    A virtual work experience opportunity
6.    Support in choosing future careers
7.    Support in building a CV
8.    Support to connect with youth friendly opportunities to get ahead of the game

For any further information or advice, please contact Mr Fisher