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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Action your Potential

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Build a #NeuroNinja Support Webinar Courses in June and July 2023

We’re always working hard to do the best by our community and this term we are offering, via our Action Your Potential Build a #NeuroNinja subscription 3 webinar courses for our parents, carers and students focused on three crucial areas of support.

Helping Your Child Build Resilience – a #NeuroNinja Course

This course is designed to support children and young people as they prepare to change year groups or move schools, stepping up to secondary, GCSE, A Level or University studies.  In this course Andrew from Action Your Potential will explore what resilience is in our brain and body and how we can all adopt very powerful daily habits that enhance resilience every day.    These video courses are delivered live and to sign up to the Building Resilience course click here.  

You can also catch up on the recordings on Action Your Potential’s #NeuroNinja Learning Hub which all our parents and carers have access to.  You can sign up to the #NeuroNinja Learning Hub here.  Action Your Potential takes your privacy seriously and these data will only ever be used to contact you about these courses, their GDPR policy is here.

Helping Your Child Achieve and Succeed in Their Exams – a Build a #NeuroNinja Course

This course is designed for parents, carers and students who are moving into an exam course year.  It is perfect for students in Y9, Y10 and Y11 next year or Y12 or Y13.  In this course Andrew from Action Your Potential will explore the powerful daily habits that will support students to learn more and remember more as they embark on their exam courses, manage exam anxiety and worry, and build powerful well-being and positive mental health through the challenge of exams.

To sign up to this course click here.

Supporting My Neurally Diverse Child Through Change – a #NeuroNinja Course

In this course Andrew from Action Your Potential will celebrate all kinds of minds, walking parents, carers and students with neural diversity through some incredible and insightful information from neuroscience and psychology on how to manage the process of change, and how to  support students with a neurally diverse brain.

To sign up to this course click here.

Andrew and the team at Action Your Potential also offer some 1:1 support for parents and carers and if you’re interested in that please contact relevant colleagues in your school to find out how to access that or contact Andrew at AYP –  AYP support for parents and carers and families is unique and bespoke.  It is transformative because it helps you understand your brain.

A parent who’d received this support just recently said:

“Since working with my AYP support coach my children are now attending school regularly, I have more time for myself, my well-being and mental health have improved enormously and I am even thinking about going back to night school to achieve my GCSE maths so I can train to be a nursery nurse, my childhood ambition.”

Yours sincerely,

School Staff

Andrew, Angela, Darren and our AYP coaching team