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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

E-Learning options

We have a number of e-learning platforms for our students to engage with to further their learning. 


We have a number of e-learning platforms for our students to engage with, to further their learning and support their education. All homework is set through and students/parents/carers are able to log in and see the independent learning tasks that have been set. 

We use for Year 9 students (core subjects only – English/Maths/Science) and Year 10 and 11 (all subjects).  GCSEpod is essentially an online text book which reinforces learning for each subject through animated pods. 

Science use where multiple choice style micro-quizzes are used to build knowledge, boost confidence and reduce exam stress.

In Maths, is used as an interactive online teaching tool that builds pupil engagement and consolidates maths knowledge.  Additionally, allows students to access past exam papers to practice exam questions.

In MFL, is a digital teaching, learning and assessment platform that works alongside language course textbooks to help students reinforce their Spanish, French and German studies. 

Across the school, we use as a tool for accessing on-line resources and revision material for a range of subjects; its content is aligned to all exam boards and students can use SAM Learning to consolidate lesson content, teachers will use this to set independent learning tasks.