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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Changes to self-isolation guidance from 1/4/22

The guidance for self isolation has now changed

The self-isolation period has now been reduced to 3 days for young people under 18. This is 3 days from the day AFTER they did a test or symptoms started.


Day 0 – date of Test/Symptoms

Day 1-3 – self-isolation period

Day 4 – return to school if your child feels well enough and does not have a high temperature.

Although we are all not legally obliged to self-isolate we should still try and stay away from others and remain at home if we are positive or have symptoms of Covid (which are listed below.)

Given our school setting, we would ask that students do self-isolate for the 3 day period and study from home via Google Classroom if they feel well enough to do so.

Students no longer need to have 2 negative LFT (24h apart) to be able to return to school.

Students are unlikely to be able to access a free PCR test now, so please continue to use the school LFT kits to the time being IF you think your child has the virus. A link to see if your child is eligible for a free PCR test is below.

If you have any questions regarding self-isolation please contact our absence line.

Kind regards

Pan Panayiotou