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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Maths Success

Last month we entered 100 of our top set Maths students in Years 9, 10 & 11 into the UKMT Intermediate Challenge competition, which is the UK's largest competition for schools.

Students must undertake challenging problem-solving Maths questions under exam conditions, which are then assessed against other students in the country. Our students did incredibly well and were awarded 35 Bronze certificates (top 50% in country), 17 Silver Certificates (top 25% in country) and 12 Gold certificates (top 8% in country). 

Further to this success, 16 of our students were invited to the follow-up rounds to this competition, known as the Kangaroo rounds, which puts them in the top 8000 students in the country, a fantastic achievement. 3 of these (Ayaan Ali, Sylva Sweet and Adam Norris) then even went on to achieve merits in this competition which means they were in the top 25% of participants so a huge congratulations to them. 

Finally and most impressively one of our Year 11 students, Harvey Lonsdale, managed to qualify for the Maclaurin Olympiad follow-up round which means he was in the top 500 students nationally, a truly remarkable achievement. Well done Harvey and all those who took part!