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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Mock Exams - Year 11 Autumn 21

As we continue our reintegration into school, following the lockdown, we must now start focusing on ensuring students are ready for GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11.

To support this, current Year 10s will sit mock examinations in the first term of Year 11. The exams will be taken in the Sports Hall and will take place in the fortnight w/b 4 October 2021.

This may seem like an early point to carry out mocks, but we have found this gives the students an early focus and helps them understand the importance and pressures of Year 11.  This was the approach we took with our current Year 11s and it has proved extremely impactful. It also helps students understand the examination process and the challenges surrounding them.

Students will be encouraged to prepare for these as they would a normal GCSE and we encourage hard work and additional effort, including attending additional intervention classes and revising at home. Taking examinations early also gives teachers plenty of time to provide any appropriate support and help students make significant improvements, before future mock examinations and ultimately the examinations in the summer.

We will be contacting parents shortly, with invites to interventions and details of support programmes we are offering, to further support students.