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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Start of Autumn Term 2

Comic Relief Results and amount raised

Thank you and all our students who generously donated to this year’s Comic Relief fundraising. So far we have raised approximately £1200 for this great cause.

With respect to the students voting we had 800 votes for staff to face leg waxing and a bushtucker challenge. As a result we couldn’t limit the pain and suffering to just one lucky candidate but instead choose three.

For the leg waxing we had:

1)    Mr Ghanbari

2)    Mr Vale

3)    Mr Swift

And for the Bushtucker trial (eating snails, crickets, locusts, meal and buffalo worms) we had:

1)    Ms Green

2)    Mr Fuller

3)    Mr Cook

Thank you to these staff willing to endure the hardships for charity. A good show of resilience and community spirit.

I look forward to bringing you further charity updates and the video of the event soon.

Thom Izod