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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Academic Review Day 1 April 2021

We are looking forward to running our next ARD which will focus on student well-being and how they have settled back into school after the recent lockdown.


In order to facilitate a purposeful and safe ARD for staff and students we have set up the following procedures prior to and during the ARD.

Pre-ARD preparation

·         Students will be sent a link to a survey prior to their appointment which they must completed before the ARD appointment. The answers given by the student will help to inform the discussion with their tutor.

·         Please support us by ensuring your child completes the survey in good time.

·         The tutor will inform students of their scheduled appointment time to enable them to record this in their planners.


ARD appointments

·         Will all take place via Teams (if your child is unable to access Teams please notify your progress leader as soon as possible).


·         All students will have a tutor time which they must attend in full school uniform as the camera will be on for the tutor to ‘check in’ with all students to ensure they are in a position to complete their tasks for the day.


·         Appointments will be for 10 minutes, in alphabetical order within the following time slots (this is essential so that Progress Leaders and the Inclusion team can make additional appointments if required)


o   9am until 11am

o   11.30 until 12.30pm

o   1pm until 4pm


·         Tutors will then conduct interviews (the following must be followed):

o   The camera must be off for both students and staff

o   The interview will be recorded to safeguard both students and staff.

Staff will have set work on Teams for periods 1-4 of each student’s timetable for April 1st. Staff may set work that requires independent research using ICT. Work will be set as an assignment on Teams which will need to be submitted by the end of the day. The expectation is that students will have 4 hours of work to complete around their ARD appointments throughout the day. No “live” remote lessons will be delivered on this day other than a tutor time at 8.40am.

How to join a scheduled ARD meeting

1.    You will receive an invite to a meeting from your tutor.

2.    Take a note of the time of the meeting.

3.    When it comes to your appointment time, go to your calendar.

4.    Click on the meeting.

5.    Click “Join”