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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Lockdown Food Preparation and Nutrition

It has been wonderful to see how many students have engaged with learning about Food at home. Thank you to all the parents that have supported students and enabled them to cook at home. I am looking forward to seeing them back in the Food Rooms to further develop their understanding of nutrition and ingredients and to explore more recipes.

You can view many of the photos that have been shared with us on the attachments below.

Year 7 have studied Healthy Eating focusing on Dairy Foods, 5 A Day and Dietary Fibre. They have cooked cheese scones, stir fry, high fibre recipes and pizza swirls.

Year 8 have continued to learn about Food around the World and Nutrition, including learning about food labelling. The have cooked a wide range of recipes from different countries.

Year 9 have looked at pastry making and how the ingredients work together to create perfect results. They have had the opportunity to make Pastry Galettes, Fruit Tarts, and offline task was the challenge of Cornish Pasties. Some classes also looked at global food issues during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Year 10 spent lockdown exploring Food Science and learning about the function of ingredients in recipes. They were fortunate to benefit from live 'cook a long' sessions where they continued to develop their practical skills making high skill recipes including:

Fresh pasta, pizzas & decorated focaccia bread, koftas and pitta bread, chocolate mousse & shortbread biscuits, puff pastry - sausage plait, Millionaires Shortbread

Year 11 continued to work on their NEA2 coursework based on Picnic Foods. They trialled a range of different sweet and savoury recipes and are now planning for their final practical exam.

Well done to all the students who worked hard to learn at home in such tricky circumstances, and to all of the parents who supported them when they were cooking at home.

Mrs Whitby

Subject Leader Food Preparation and Nutrition