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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

National Skills Day

There’s still time for all our students, parents, carers and staff to take part in the launch of National Skills Days and just let us know of any skill or skills you all may have so we can highlight them.

It’s a great chance for everyone to showcase any of them.

We all have a skill or skills that we should be proud and positive about and we want to share it with others and show just how talented we are at WHS.

The four categories are:-

Creative - including writing, arts, cookery, drama, music, singing, poetry and languages.

Sporting – any sporting skill.

Tech – Tell us what you know, includes all STEM linked subject skills (crazy formulas etc).  Items that you can make, any technical skills, gaming, building, coding and repairing.

Other – You may have skills that are not listed above like juggling, magic tricks or anything else that you could audition for Britain’s Got Talent! 

Please go the following link on our website for more information and to download and complete the Blank Skills Form with one or more of your talents.

Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation which gives you an opportunity to see some of the WHS staff forms and what other talents they have outside of school……You might be impressed or surprised!

Please email your completed form back to by Friday 12th June and we will then be able to showcase these the following week. Please note that they may be displayed on social media.

You can also attach and email in a short video of no more than 30 seconds of you performing that skill if you would like to?

Looking forward to seeing all those skills & talents that we know you all have. So please send them in.

Mr Fisher

Careers Advisor