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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Bake Off challenge Final Results

Bake off Challenge News!

Challenge 6 is now complete - well done to all those who joined in the standard has been amazing!

Thank you to all students who took part in the challenges during lockdown. There are some amazing cooks at Worthing High. Look out for more challenges, competitions and clubs next term!

Challenge 1: Cakes

The winners were:

Austin Sharp – for a fantastic 3 tiered sponge cake with two-tone icing

Runners up

KS3 Amelia  Horsecroft– Chocolate cake topped with her families favourite sweets 

KS4 Matt Bidwell – A Perfect Victoria Sponge Cake

Challenge 2 - The Rainbow Challenge  🌈

The winners were:

Ava Rickards - for her fantastic layered NHS Rainbow cake.

Runners up:

Kaitlyn White - Rainbow cup cakes

Chloe Woodford - Rainbow and NHS decorated biscuits







Challenge 3: Biscuits and Tray Bakes

The winners were:

Thomas Valantin Year 7 - for his highly skilled Lemon Macaroons (with lemon curd and lemon ganache montee filling and hand piped lemon buttercream roses) PLEASE see his video: CLICK HERE


Runners Up: 

KS3 - Sophie Pitcher, Year 8 - For an amazing batch of Chocolate Orange Brownies 

KS4 - Matt Bidwell, Year 10 - For an excellent batch of Millionaires Shortbread 

Challenge 4: Summer Desserts

Can you make an amazing Summer Dessert using fresh seasonal fruits.

Think carefully about flavours and textures as well as the appearance of your chosen dish

Closing date – Friday 12th June

Entries to:

Winners are as follows:

Amelia Horsecroft, Year 7 - For her amazing Raspberry Roulade. She showed excellent cooking of a tricky dessert

Runners Up: 
Kaitlyn White, Year 9
Summer Strawberry Tarts with homemade pastry and custard filling

Louise Griffiths, Year 8
Strawberry Cheesecake using fruits from the allotment

Highly commended:
Cameron Harrison - Strawberry Cheesecake
Milly-Rose Sherratt - Strawberry Trifle           

Challenge 5: Pastry Dishes


This challenge will test your skills in rolling and shaping different types of pastry. You could use short crust, puff, filo or choux pastry - there are lots to choose from. 

Your entry can be a sweet or savoury dish

Closing date – Friday 26th June 

The winners were as follows:

Sophie Pitcher, Year 8 - For her amazing Bakewell Tart with homemade raspberry jam.

Runners Up: 

Harry Scott, Year 8

Steak and Ale Pie, with homemade filling and short crust pastry

Camille Atkins, Year 7

Apple & Cinnamon Tart with very carefully arranged fruit

Highly commended:

Libby Scott, Year 7

Quiche and Profiteroles

Kaitlyn White, Year 9

Star shaped Chicken Pies, Profiteroles, Cinnamon Buns, Cannolis

Challenge 6 : The Beach

Winner - Kaitlyn White for her amazing beach scene cake.

Runners Up:

Ava Rickards for her Sandcastle Cakes

Louise Griffiths for her Ice Cream Cones Cakes