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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

PE Weekly Challenge update

Online virtual challenges: Beat the teacher results from last week

The Plank challenges  - well done to everyone for entering.  A large number of students participated which was fantastic.  We had some phenomenal entries and unbelievable silver and gold results.  Videos are wonderful so thank you for all your continued support with your child in sending these in.  Everyone who entered has received 2 community merits for excellent effort.  Well done.

Top three positions for each challenge are below: 


1st Jude Clayton Year 8 - 15 community points

2nd Kieran Doyle Year 8  Frankie Queally Year 7 - 10 community points

3rd Katie Love in Year 8  - 5 community points


1st - Leon Taylor Year 9  Ben Carter in Year 10 - 15 community points

2nd - Jude Clayton in Year 8 - 10 community points

3rd - Kitty Sully in Year 8 - 5 community points 


1st - Kitty Sully in Year 8 - 15 community points

2nd - Maisey Sully in Year 8 - 10 community points

3rd - Kieran Doyle in Year 8 - 5 community points 

Beat the teacher this week as you may have seen on the SMYH site or our twitter page is create your own Ninja Warrior assault course!

Some excellent results have been sent in already.  Check out the videos on our twitter account.   We would love you to send in your results or tweet that so that we can award community reward points for your efforts. We would also love to see video clips of your attempts too. 

Challenges are all uploaded on to our PE twitter account @WorthingHighPE and on Show My Homework.

How to enter:

Please post your results to me at on Sunday or post your attempt up on our twitter account (check at home first) at the end of each week before midday.


1st Place - 15 Community points 

2nd Place - 10 Community points

3rd Place - 5 Community points

All entries will receive 2 Community points for taking part!