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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Students Commemorate #VEDay75

Worthing High School marked VE Day on the 8th May by providing for some of their vulnerable and keyworker pupils the opportunity to appreciate what a (socially distanced) VE Day celebration may have looked like.

As the school was open on Friday 8th May a special programme has been arranged for those students attending school on the Bank Holiday.

Students spent the day making bunting, cooking cakes and digging for victory. These activities were all part of the students VE day experience, along with marking the 2 minutes silence at 11am to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

Students were also given the opportunity to participate in games like hop scotch, marbles and skipping to help them appreciate what playground activities used to look like.

Mr Panayiotou, Headteacher said:  said “It has been a great opportunity for us to commemorate the 75th Anniversary and to take the time to reflect on the sacrifices that were made during the Second World War. It also has been important not to forget the unprecedented situation we are all living through.”

A special thanks to all the staff who made our special VE Day possible at Worthing High School.