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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Commemorating VE day across the Curriculum

Although the main public events have been cancelled for VE Day there is still much we can do - whilst in lock down. 

The national programme for the day's events can be found here:


The 8th May will celebrate the 7th anniversary of VE Day. Why not make your own model of the iconic Spitfire. More information on the @worthinghighDT twitter pages and on Showmyhomework



In music students will be exploring the History behind the Last Post, a piece of music synonymous with commemorations of this kind. Students have been challenged to create their own version – we will post these on the website as we receive them.

Abi in Year 7 has already submitted her entry - well done!


Students will focus their write day Friday skills on commemorating VE day, using their skills of empathy to write a short story about a street party on Tuesday 8th May 1945.


Student’s will be looking at the impact rationing had on a wartime diet and will try their hand at some classic wartime recipes. Keep your eye out for photos of our “Socially distant” WHS tea party, with homemade bunting and cakes.


Student’s have been set a research task where they will find out about wartime leader Winston Churchill and the latter stages of the conflict in Europe

Computer Science

Here are some Puzzles and Codebreaking activities from Bletchley Park. Students can submit their answers nationally via #BletchleyParkVEDay75


In Science students have been looking at some of the most important scientific improvements as a result of the Second World War. Here are Mr Izod’s top 10. Do you agree or are there others you think should have made it?

1. The first computer - Colossus

2. Nuclear power

3. Jet engines

4. The V-2 (and from this space travel)

5. Radar (and from this Micorwaves)

6. Synthetic rubber and oil

7. Penicillin (discovered in 1928 but mass produced in WWII)

8. Radio navigation and landing

9. Pressurised cabins (allowing high altitude air travel)

10. The dynamo-powered torch