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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Summer School 2021

Summer School Website Statement 2021

Our Transition Summer School for 2021 was attended by 160 new year 7 students.

The course ran for 1 week at the end of August and was delivered by 14 school staff at Worthing High School.  Summer school was encouraged by the DFE as year 6 students have missed education and had been unable to mix with their peers. This was an excellent way to prepare the students for their transition to Secondary School.

The funding received for the week was £47,760, which was to support all Year 6 primary school students going into year 7 at Worthing High School.

All 160 students were in school for 5 days and were placed in their communities, to enable them to meet their peers and start to create friendships and build confidence.   

There were a vast range of enrichment activities provided during he week which included:

Team building, Drama, Tennis, cooking and making wooden robots. 

Discussions sessions were held to help alleviate concerns about moving to secondary school. The funding helped purchase all the required materials, covered staffing costs, external organisational resources, a free lunch each day for all and some facility costs.

A feedback survey was sent to all parent/carers whose child attended the Summer school the results were very positive, students felt more confident and less anxious about transitioning to Worthing High School.