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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

SAM Learning

SAM Learning provides award-winning online services, used by over 60% of secondary schools across England, to improve exam results. Last year alone, almost one million learners used SAM Learning! SAM Learning’s services have been independently proven to boost exam results. Research conducted by the educational charity, the Fischer Family Trust, confirmed that as little as 10 hours’ use of SAM Learning can lead to significant benefits.

SAM Learning is an e-Learning service accessible to all students, covering a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. It can be used both in school and at home, wherever you have access to the Internet. Students can log in and complete teacher-set homework, interactive tests and exam practice questions.

  • Anywhere, anytime learning.
  • Web based exam practice and revision.
  • Improves exam technique, confidence and results.
  • Continually updated with new content in line with latest curriculum.
  • All students have their own logins to help them track their progress.

How to access SAM Learning:

SAM Learning website –

Login details:

  1. Centre ID: BN1WH
  2. User ID: Date of birth followed by two initials – first name then last name. Example: 010896DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1996.
  3. Password: Initially same as the User ID (Students are encouraged to change this to something which is difficult to guess)
  4. It is advised that students keep a record of the access details in their planners.