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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

End of Summer 2 Term


GCSE Pods are designed for any device and can be watched both in and out of school.

It’s a bit like carrying a huge pile of textbooks with you everywhere!  Have experts read and explain everything clearly including all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and diagrams on screen.  You won’t need to use it for long to feel the impact. 

Consistent use in brief 10 minute sessions is proven to support achievement right up to A* (0-9).

 Suitable for Android and Apple
 Get organized with ready-made or bespoke playlists
 Favourite any Pods on topics you find hard, then revisit them and fill your knowledge gaps
 Complete tests to identify your weaker areas and then watch personalised playlists to help strengthen those areas
 Watch exam specific playlists with everything you need to excel in an upcoming exam
 Complete homework online and get instant feedback (no waiting for your teacher to do the marking!)
 Listen to GCSEPod privately on your mobile – no one needs to know you are working
 Share Pods via links to Twitter and Facebook and see what your friends are watching