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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Catch Up Funding 2020/21

catch-up funding

Worthing High School’s catch-up strategy has a holistic approach which includes all year groups and a broad range of subjects, all with equal importance. We have ensured that we have assessed the guidance offered to us and used official research to underpin decisions upon. The staff, at all levels, and pupils of Worthing High School are fully committed to ensuring that the partial school closures have a minimal effect on the students learning and well-being.

This strategy will make sure that every young person, no matter their age or where they live, gets the education, opportunities and outcomes they deserve, by investing our time and funding on measures proven to be effective, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged.

  • Our priorities are to:
    • Support great teaching
    • Support transition back to school
    • Gain insight into the required recovery through assessment
    • Provide in school intervention
    • Use external resources for intervention
    • Monitor and enable access to technology
    • Provide additional support beyond school hours summer school
    • Liaise and work with families
  • The overall aims are to:
    • To raise the attainment of all pupils and to close the gap created by COVID-19 school closures
    • To reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers

2020-21 Spending Summary - £86,800.00


Original Plan Cost

Final spend

Remote Learning Tutor Jan 21- July 21 (ASC)

£13,250 for 2 terms


Additional hours in Behaviour team SDE  - 18h pw @ G6 for whole year

£9796 for 3 terms

£27026 x 0.48fte = £11,532.48

Additional College Places for KS4



Brilliant Club 3 further cohorts of 24



Additional 15h in behaviour team (2 days a week) Jan 21 to July 21



National Tutoring Programme

Max £35,000


This would obtain between 120 and 170 15 hour blocks. These blocks can be delivered online or in person. Each block can be delivered in groups of 2 or 3 or just to one person hence the variance.


Saturday school and additional tutoring sessions within school


Additional salary payments for staff running Saturday morning sessions

Tutor sessions in school and after school hours


2021-22 Spending Plan - £23,940.00



Yr10 PGL Subsidy costs


School led mentoring work


Contribution to Remote Learning Adviser salary


Brilliant Club (36 students)


Pastoral Conference

Cost dependent on length of conference, number of delegates and speakers approximate cost £750-1500

Peer mentoring to include training and accreditation for cohort of students in year 9 and training of students in year 11.


Student self-esteem/confidence building workshops

(to include internal workshops and external self-esteem activities designed to build resilience)

£750 per year group (7-10) total £3000

Total budget