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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

Year 9 Curriculum Choices Evening


The Art department experience at Worthing High School includes:

· High quality teaching from an enthusiastic and highly motivated staff

· Challenging and exciting projects

· Fun but purposeful lessons, where students are given the space and knowledge to develop their artistic abilities.

· A great deal of support both inside and outside the lessons

· A creative and imaginative environment

· A popular art club after school


Aims of the Art Department 

To develop in each pupil:

• Self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth.

• An awareness of the modern world, and an environmental and aesthetic appreciation of it.

• The ability and confidence to communicate effectively. This includes development of the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT within Art.

• A sound understanding of Art.

• The ability to understand and analyse information.

• The ability to apply knowledge and skills.

• A creative and enquiring mind. 

• Knowledge and understanding of a range of materials and techniques.

Departmental Staff 

Mr Rasarathnam- Leader of Art and Design Technology

Mr Allen

Mrs S Hurley

Ms L Sinsbury

Mrs M Hunt

Mr R Whitaker

Mr Frape- DT Technician

Mrs J Parkinson – Food Technician


Two equipped Art rooms

Two equipped Design and Technology workshop

A specialist room for the teaching of Graphics with ICT facilities

Our Philosophy  

  • To provide our students with 'real life' problem solving skills relevant to today's environment.
  • To provide our students with the capabilities to communicate and develop their ideas and thought processes using the technological tools of today, whilst reflecting on past practices.
  • We aim to create within the department an environment, which will encourage pupils to achieve high standards, the best of which they are capable, in as many areas as possible and provide the foundations for a happy and successful adult life.   

KS3 (Year 7, 8 and 9)

• Students attend 2 Art lessons a fortnight.

• At KS3 students explore diverse genres of artwork, from different areas and different cultures, as well as a wide range of materials and techniques. .

• Current projects include:

  • Year 7. Sweets and Cakes –  Developing use of colour, and card sculpture
  • Year 7. African Masks –          Developing drawing skills & 3D/ceramics
  • Year 7. Creative Letterforms- Developing printmaking techniques
  • Year 8. Mexican Day of the Dead – a project that explores the art and culture of Mexico, focusing on folklore, colour and pattern
  • Year 8. Landscapes-Impressionism and France – a painting project, exploring the practice of Monet and his contemporaries.
  • Year 8. Cubism- Still life drawing and painting
  • Year 9.  Shoe sculpture – 3D construction project 
  • Year 9.  Expressive Portraits- painting and mixed media
  • Year 9.  Animals – printmaking and drawing techniques

AQA Art and Design GCSE KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

Art and Design AQA

This is a 2-year Course involving two units. 60% of the GCSE is a coursework portfolio and 40% is a set exam.

Unit 1 (Coursework portfolio 60%)

This involves two main projects:

Animals and patterns – explores observations of animals and sea creatures and the work of other cultures, such as Aboriginal Art. Experimentation with materials leads students to produce a decorative piece of art work in ceramics, as well as a larger scale painting.

Identity – students develop their own ideas in connection to the work of artists. This work is developed in A3 sketchbooks, using self-portraiture, photography and Artists who have portrayed the human figure as inspiration.

Unit 2 (Externally set Exam -  40%)

This is a 12 week independent project which requires pupils to produce one sketchbook of development on a choice of theme set by the AQA exam board. It results in a 10-hour exam- over 2 school days that takes place in the art rooms. Students research and then develop design ideas to produce a final outcome in either 2D or 3D in their exam.

Additional Information

There is a weekly extra-curricular Art Club for pupils to further develop their skills.