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Worthing High School

Worthing High School

End of Autumn 1 - half term

* Leavers Message 28/5/2021

Year 11 leavers

Dear Parents, Carers and Year 11 leavers,

Today has been a very sad moment for all of us at Worthing High School, and particularly for me, as it is my first Year 11 group that I have taken all the way through, from when they started in September 2016.

What is absolutely clear, is how they have all grown and matured into such amazing, kind, resilient young adults, who I am very honoured and proud to have had the pleasure to be their Headteacher.

I look forward to seeing them at their prom (Covid permitting!) and looking forward to sharing their success with their GCSE outcomes and the next steps of their educational journeys.

They have been and are a wonderful Year group and I will miss them a great deal.

Take care, stay safe and stay in touch!

Mr Panayiotou


As we now, draw near the end of your child’s education here at Worthing High School, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your unwavering support. You have all been awesome.

Your sons and daughters have endured some seriously challenging times over the last couple of years, but fear not, they really showed courage, resilience and rose to all that has been thrown their way. I am very proud of them and I know you are too. They are now ready for their next journey and I wish them success, health and happiness.

Warmest regards to you all.

Mostefa Beda

Year 11 Progress Leader

Today we said goodbye to the class of 2021. We hope they enjoyed their final day and we hope they leave school with many happy memories, lifelong friendships and the outcomes they need to achieve their dreams. They have been an exceptional year group, have embodied our core values and have remained resilient to the end. All of this despite the disruption caused by COVID-19.

It is important the Year 11s now enjoy some downtime and have a well-deserved rest, before they start thinking about the next steps on their educational journey, whether that be college, apprenticeship or training. In order to support students and keep them focused over the summer, we have identified a number of resources that will help them prepare for their next steps and beyond into the world of work. Below is a short list of tasks we think might be useful for students to do over the summer break and below this are some useful resources to help complete them.

Please note, some of the colleges will be emailing students directly, with work packs, so please keep an eye on this as well.

Kindest regards and good luck!

Adrian Cook

Deputy Headteacher

Summer job list

  • Update/write CV
  • Complete Virtual Work Experience in an area of interest
  • Undertake the Financial independence tasks
  • Read for pleasure
  • Complete college summer packs
  • Carry out summer research into chosen subject areas

Virtual Work experience and learning about the world of work

Virtual Work Experience | LifeSkills ( 

Fledglink Find the best early career opportunities  

Students | The WOW Show  

Life Skills - CV writing and applying for jobs

click here and click here for further information

Life skills – Financial Independence  click here for further information.

Subject specific summer work (This is provided by GBMET, but maybe be useful for any college courses in the same subject) click here

We have also upgraded our SAM Learning license, so all Year 11 students have access to Key Stage 5 units of study. If you have issues logging in, please contact

Other preparation for college click here

  … and finally

If you would like to watch the teacher’s goodbye video, please use the following link: