Our Commitment:

Promoting a positive learning environment that challenges, supports and celebrates every student’s achievements through an inclusive academic and pastoral curriculum

Enabling all students to become part of our school community irrespective of their individual needs.

‘My son has felt welcome and secure and his confidence has increased.’ (Year 10 Parent)

Recognising the value of each student and their potential to progress in all areas when individual needs are addressed.

‘…he’s made pleasing progress in his work. I could not ask for more.’ (Year 10 Parent)

Who is the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator (SENCo)?
Lou Gatford
Assistant Headteacher Inclusion
Designated Teacher for LAC

How can I contact the SENCo?
Worthing High School
01903 237864

What is the role of the SENCo?
The SENCo is responsible for the day-to-day operation and implementation of the school's SEN policy. 

The SENCo will co-ordinate additional support for pupils with SEN and liaise with their parents, teachers and other professionals who are involved with them. 

The SENCo will ensure that individuals identified as having SEN receive effective teaching through assessing the child’s needs and setting targets for improvement. 

Identification of SEN